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Eurovision Winners NFT Auction Raises 900k for Charity

The Eurovision Winners’ NFT Auction has generated an impressive $900,000 for charity, marking a significant milestone for the largest European crypto exchange, WhiteBIT, based in Ukraine. The auction, hosted on the MetaHistory platform, saw WhiteBIT secure the coveted crystal microphone trophy, and in doing so, the company set two Ukrainian records. Their NFT purchase, valued at 500 ETH, became the most expensive in the country, and the donation made during the live stream set a record for the largest amount donated.

WhiteBIT’s commitment to advancing blockchain technology and fostering the cryptocurrency community is evident in their decision to contribute substantially to their country’s cause through this auction. Volodymyr Nosov, CEO of WhiteBIT, expressed gratitude to the global community for supporting Ukraine during challenging times. He emphasized that the $900,000 donation, while a significant amount, is a testament to the collective effort of Ukrainians in supporting their country’s fight.

Nosov acknowledged the conscious decision to participate in the auction organized by the Kalush Orchestra, highlighting the importance of solidarity. The collaboration between Kalush Orchestra, MetaHistory, and ENKO, a Ukrainian music label, extends beyond the auction. ENKO is now producing a music NFT album featuring renowned Ukrainian and foreign artists, with all proceeds dedicated to supporting Ukraine.

Kateryna Dmytrenko, CEO of ENKO music label, expressed gratitude for the strong gesture from WhiteBIT and the collaboration with MetaHistory. She teased upcoming groundbreaking plans from the collaborative effort of ENKO, MetaHistory, and OhMyGod agency.

OhMyGod agency played a pivotal role in marketing the event and supporting the charitable initiative. This initiative underscores the positive impact of NFTs, with Ukrainians showcasing their benefits once again. In March, MetaHistory’s NFT collection of artworks successfully raised $800,000 in donations for Ukraine, reinforcing the platform’s role in dispelling stereotypes about NFTs.

VK, the CEO of MetaHistory, hailed the historic Eurovision trophy minting event on their platform. He expressed gratitude to the crypto-community and WhiteBIT for their participation and passion. VK affirmed that the funds raised would contribute to the joint effort to aid Ukraine and emphasized MetaHistory’s commitment to showcasing NFTs as more than speculative assets.

This landmark event on the MetaHistory platform not only highlights the convergence of music, NFTs, and charity but also reinforces the platform’s mission to demonstrate the broader utility of NFTs in the global landscape.

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